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50 GMC Truck Restoration
Will all 12 volt starters gears line up with 235 flywheel?
50 GMC Truck Restoration
Would a defective solenoid cause starting problems on 56 chevy 235 straight six?
50 GMC Truck Restoration
Since I changed 6 volt starter to 12 volt it got rid of floor start button go away but the teeth of starter gear doesn't align well with fly wheel.
It takes several starter attempts begore engine even trys to yurn over.
It gets better though the more ogten I start and run truck.
I at least yake ot cruisinng once a week
50 GMC Truck Restoration
Do all 50 GMC and Chevy trucks 47-52 have door latch issues?
50 GMC Truck Restoration
Aligning door latches is ongoing struggle
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