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  • About Me: I'm 59, I have been Permanently Disabled since 1996. I have NO skills in repairing or restoring an Automobile but, I bought a 1978 Subaru Brat in Good condition yet, it needs body work & new paint. Being on SSDI, I need to DIY most of the work. I'm hoping to learn what I need to know from sources such as this forum.
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Trying to learn auto body repair of Rust areas
Thanks Tom,
Yes, I've been watching a lot of YOUTUBE lately ;>}
Not ever having welded before, most video's recommend a Flux-core MIG welder.
They say it's the easiest type to learn on.
I have been pricing them & trying to get the most bang for a buck.
I found: Forney Easy Weld 299 125FC Flux Core Welder, 120-Volt, 125-Amp

Have any thought's on this model or type? I'm trying to stay around this price range since I have NO idea what I'm doing or how much I will use it.
There are others Below $ as well as above, naturally.
There isn't a lot of Rust, mostly small spots (nail head size) although there is Bondo in places & noticeable spots around the wheel wells.
Here in Montana, we don't use Salt.
Then again, we have a lot of washboard dirt roads ;>}
Trying to learn auto body repair of Rust areas
I joined this forum seeking advice for a DIY restoration project.
I just bought a 1978 Subaru Brat which runs good but, the body has several areas of Rust. I haven't begun doing any work as I'm waiting for warmer weather.
I've been watching several YouTube video's & I came across Secondchancegarage.
I thought I might be able to glean some info from others who have more experience than I do. After registering, I now see there aren't many members or any How-to conversations. If anyone can assist in teaching me some information on Body repair of rusted areas, I would be grateful. My intention is to first make the repairs of the rusted areas, then strip the entire truck body and repaint it.
As for the engine & transmission, they work well & don't appear to need any repairs at this time. Just the body needs tending to.
Thank-you in advance for any info you might pass along.
1979 Subaru Brat - A69L512372.jpg
clutch rusted to flywheel
I realize this post is a bit old but, maybe this will help someone in the future. It's not my advice but, seeing as I am learning to be a DIY restorer, I came across this video on YouTube. Hope it help someone. - Remove Rust from Metal and Panels the Easy Way: Video 1
via @YouTube
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