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Delco Remy 6-Volt Generator
Hi Satch,
Thank you very much this info is a great start to knowing more about my `50  Chevy & what has been done to it over the years.
Delco Remy 6-Volt Generator
Opps last message went off before I could finish my question.

I have a Delco-Remy 6 volt generator # 1102672-8M15 (Note: 8M15 = December 15th, 1948). I know it is not original to my `50 Chevy truck as the correct D-R Generator number is 1102710.

QUESTIONS regarding D-R Generator 1102672:
 * I have tried all of my sources and can not find any info on this generator part number
 * What applications did D-R use this generator for........... cars (if so what car & what years) , tractors etc
  *  what are the electrical specifications of this genny (negative, positive, amps etc 
  * what is the correct D-R Voltage Regulator that goes with it ?

Appreciate your help,
Chuck Burhans
cell: (908) 239-9228
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