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'47 Buick Super tranny & engine transfer
Well that's the kind of definite answer I needed.  Guess this engine is something to forget about.
'47 Buick Super tranny & engine transfer
I am sorry for being (not ashamed to say it) screwed up.  Mine is a '47 with standard trans. Thought it was otherwise, when I couldn't get the H sequence, only up and down. But sitting for so long it was just stubborn. Also made another error. The engine # for the one for sale locally, is for a '49 Super with Dynaflow which was an option in '49, not a '48. So everything now makes a little more sense. Thanks for your reply.
'47 Buick Super tranny & engine transfer
Haven't done anything on my '47 Super yet but am getting quite confused.  The Seventy Years of Buick book I have, states that the Dynaflow did not come out until 1948 and then only as an option on the Roadmasters.  But my '47 appears to have the dynaflow.  Is the book wrong or what??  Can's get underneath very well to look at the tranny, but the shifting lever has only an up/down configuration, not the usual "H" pattern on a standard gear tranny.  There is no labeling or indicator stating drive or reverse. Can anyone straighten out a very confused person at this point?  Trying to interchange a '47 engine with a '48 engine with dynaflow.  The '48 engine also seems to be from a Super by the engine number which also disproves what is written in the Seventy Years book which states it was only available as on option on the Roadmaster.
Can you help??
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