My name is Lyndsay and I guess I would be considered a "picker" for lack of a better term.  I'm attracted to buying and selling vintage/antique car/motorcycle parts.  I recently purchased a box lot of random parts... in the bottom of the box, slid between a stack of old magazines, was this stop plate.  After going through the box, I could see that a man was very interested in what I had found.  He offered me $10 for it, but I had just paid $8 for the entire box.  I thought it might be a piece worth investigating, so I decided to hang on to it.
I cannot find any information online that pertains to something that looks identical to this one.  Are any of you able to at least identify what I may have here..??

Thanks so much! IMG_7671.JPG 
This isn't an exact match, but it may help in understandng how it was used.
Thanks so much!
That does help!
I wish I knew if this was an after market option that some may have added on... or if it belonged on an actual vehicle...
Oh well... I'll keep on investigating.
Thanks again!
The item appears to be the bezel portion of a generic stop and directional light. This would have been purchased at a PEP boys or Montgomery Ward. Its definitely an after market accessory. Given the lenses and body are missing the $10 was a fair offer. The turn switch would have been mounted in the dash board and some were savvy enough to mount the directional switch on the gear shift lever and screw the levers ball into the switch's top. The running light and brake would have been hard wired into the electrical system.