1936 ford, if  the  cut out relay is fried  will this keep the car from turning over new starter and battery ,cables and conections are good ... motor wont turn over ..  any  ideas ???
I eliminated the safe/quick battery disconnect , put the cable to the battery and she started up...I need to clean the   carb  and do something with a  tank full of 3 yr old gas... is  there anything I can add to the gas to make it  useable ???   or  do I need to pump out and get rid of it ???
Today's gasoline has a life of about 5-6 months. You could add up to ten percent of the old gas to run in your lawn mower, but discarding it is the safest suggestion. Use Seafoam as a cleaner for both the crank case oil and the fuel system.

An important question to ask is why did the cut out relay fail?

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