I joined this forum hoping some of you fine people can lend you knowledge. More specifically on the 60-66 Chevy trucks

I have my grandfathers 1965 Chevy C10 it has a 230 straight 6 with three on the tree. It is in great shape and has 125,000 original miles with on rebuild every done. It was always taken care of and never went far. It has 125,000 original miles and runs and drives great, but it needs paint on frame and body. Also some modernization on a couple of things. I want to do a mild restoration on and it get it preserved. I AM PETRIFIED WITH FEAR. I have had this thing for 15 years in my garage and have done little. I have got to get started or I will have passed on and it will still be out there. I am of reasonable intelligence with past history as machinist and computer tech.
If there are any of you out there I would love to ask you a couple of question on disassembly techniques.
You could try posting on the 60 -66 forum

Or ask on the stovebolt page'60-'66_Trucks.html


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