pr bates
1932 Nash sedan restoration project is underway, and I am needing some input on the restoration and repair of the soft vinyl roof and support system.

Does anyone know if there are kits available to complete this process, and if so where to find them?  I am coming up empty in my searches, maybe I am not looking in the right places....

Any help or input would be greatly appreciated.
Our search didn't turn up any results, either. You might want to try the Nash Car Club of America...the people who know the most about Nash cars are the ones who own them...
This is a common problem among cars of the 20's and 30's and agree no kit likely to be available.  Use raw materials from either Lebaron Bonney  or Restoration Specialties The short grain version is right for 30's era. Long grain is teens. Make sure the bows chicken wire and padding provide the correct contour, Good front to back and slightly crowned side-to-side. More importantly how do you plan to finish off the edges where it meets the body? I'm going through this now with my 1930 Lincoln. My plan is to use 3M 5200 black marine sealant in a caulking tube and make a credit card size plastic form with a round oval shape to pull across the bead to give it an acceptable finish. PM me for email address and we can share additional info.